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Maos Chittim 2024

Maos Chittim Campaign

Adar II 5784
March 2024

Dear Friends,

The month of Adar heralds the start of our annual MAOT CHITIM Campaign to assist people in the community and those who turn to us for help for Passover.

The pasuk in Mishlei 28:7 says, “Noten LeRash Ayn Machsor,”  he who provides the poor with their needs shall not lack themselves, and those who ignore the needs of the impoverished will be confronted with adversity.

Our charity fund has been active this past year helping locals pay rent, buy food, pay tuition, and pay for family therapy.  Our fund has enabled businesses run by community members to tread water during these difficult financial times, and has provided peace of mind for those whose livelihoods have been compromised financially.

Your funds enable the holy work of the charity fund to continue and will enable all members of our community to enjoy the Pesach Holiday.

We ask you to please respond as generously as you can.

May you all be blessed for a happy and kosher Pesach,

Rabbi Daniel Eisenbach     Marty Kahan       Jeremy Lebovitch
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Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784